<h3>Reception Counters</h3>
<em>Make your entrance grand.  We can help you with a total solution for your front office project.</em>

<a href="http://demo.netwizarddesign.com.au/michael/amd/products/reception-counters/">Learn More</a><h3>WORKSTATIONS</h3>
<em>The right workstation makes a world of difference to an office environment.</em>

<a href="http://demo.netwizarddesign.com.au/michael/amd/products/workstations/">Learn More</a><h3>Tables</h3>
<em>Boardroom, coffee, side, circular, steel framed tables.</em>

<a href="http://demo.netwizarddesign.com.au/michael/amd/products/tables/">Learn More</a>

AMD Commercial Furniture

AMD Commercial Furniture is a wholesale commercial furniture manufacturer, manufacturing our whole range in Melbourne. We are able to cater for a variation to our range or create an entirely unique solution with any finish available in Australia.

Specialising in office, educational furniture and lockers our website details some of the standard items we manufacture. Please give us a call or send an email with your project details and we can work through a unique solution for you.